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Carnelian, the Stone of Courage

Carnelian Heart

Carnelian, the Stone of Courage
by Barbara McKell
Carnelian is warm energetic stone radiating colour rays of orange, ranging from red to orange and, in some cases, even to dark brown. The amount of iron particles dispersed in quartz crystal creates the depth of the orange colour. Quality Carnelian comes from India. Brazil, Britain, Czechoslovakia, Peru and Uruguay are also sources for Carnelian.
Carnelian was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans because it purifies and sanctifies the body as a temple of spirit. The Egyptian kings and queens wore it because they felt it offered them courage, strength and protection.
Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for dealing with feminine issues and a disconnection from the power of our Divine Feminine self. Orange is the colour ray of the sacral chakra and Carnelian is the vehicle for this ray. Carnelian is a warming crystal which has an energizing effect on the lower three chakras. It affects our receptivity for pleasure, passion and sexuality, thereby overcoming frigidity and increasing fertility. It offers the element of fire, enhancing physical energy, and personal power strongly influencing the reproductive organs.
Courage and joy are the qualities of a healthy heart chakra. Carnelian invokes laughter and warmth, opening the heart to abundant joy.  Carnelian’s orange ray enlivens the heart and blood with courage and vitality. It assists with gathering the courage, creativity and vitality you need to take the necessary action to accomplish your goals. This stone can improve motivation as it activates the lower chakras. Wear Carnelian when you want to become courageous and fearless to overcome a timid personality and take bold action to transform your life.
Carnelian is known for working on the physical level to cleanse blood, kidneys, stimulate appetite, balance emotions, enhance physical energy, relieve menstrual cramps, and it is excellent for fibromyalgia and lower back trouble. It offers strength to the blood and bones by improving the absorption of minerals and vitamins. This strengthening of the physical structure allows one the courage to stand boldly in their truth. It is a good balancer, allowing you to feel anchored, grounded, and comfortable with your present surroundings.
For issues of courage, wear a stone at the heart. For issues dealing with personal power, fertility and sexuality, wear it at the navel or simply place it on the body when you are lying down for at least ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening.  Be sure to cleanse your stones often by running them under water or smudging them with white sage.  It is not a good idea to cleanse Carnelian in the sunlight as it will fade it over time. The spectrum of colours the crystals radiate is a large part of the healing properties they offer, so we do not want to diminish their potency by allowing them to become faded. By caring for your stones and crystals you will get many years of effective use out of them.
People often ask me how long the will need use or wear a stone. The time will vary depending on the individual, but you will know when the stone has done its job and you no longer need it. It may fall off or get lost or you may just feel it is time to pass it on to someone else. If you decide to offer it to someone else, be sure to cleanse it and charge it with love, so the new recipient can enjoy its full potential.
* Please note that the use of stones and crystals to enhance the functioning of your mind, body and spirit is in no way a substitute for proper medical care.
Written by
Barbara McKell RT CRA
Barbara teaches Crystal Healing classes.  She is an Intuitive Healer, Transformational Sound Therapist, Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association and inspiring workshop facilitator.  She is founder and President of Soul Connection Inc. located in Guelph Ontario

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